Wednesday, October 14, 2015


It all started with the journalist who asked my friend,husband and music producer when will be album release? It was great question at the right time. The release of the album was just few days away. He invited her to come to the studio to listen to the album so that if she writes about music she has heard. Another question came from Ingunn was will we have release digital or also concert?

Living in Sunndalsøra makes our network very tiny. We have established a network of very few beautiful people since we moved here. We also love to keep our circle too small its easier to have quality time together. Either way when it comes to music into other towns or countries we have large network of artists, songwriters, componists, musicians, mastering engineers and much more. I think on my facebook I have a network of almost over 200 people who are just into music or artists themselves. Question of making a concert was little bit challenging since we had no idea which of the local people to involve to launch our party. Once in a while we attend at the concerts to support local talents or musicians. We also played concert as to volunteer to maintain local music club! We thought playing a concert at Sunndal we might end up with very few people. I finally came up with an idea of the same day the journalist comes why not inviting few friends and fans to listen to the album at the same time? This idea came last minute while we were into another town Molde! You have to guess what time it was then 21:00 pm super amazing and it takes about one and half an hour to reach Sunndalsøra. Then I thought well we can not just invite people for a cup of coffee and music? Food is a must or little snack! We arrived at Sunndal luckily the shops were still opened and Coop was best choice because its huge with different food variety and well organized. It is easier to find things. We came back home and started to arrange things in studio as putting extra chairs to sit and such. At the same time my husband was on the phone inviting people to come the day after. It was little bit easier because on facebook we created event page which was only for online release. Then we found out that some of the members who were attending the release party were from Sunndalsøra. We asked them to join us at studio the day after! The next morning I baked around 30 cupcakes, yogurt cake with cherries on top, I also made spiced chicken for wraps. Imagine all had to be done at a very limited time. I wish I had this idea for a while I could have prepared even more! I did not only had that as a task but also to make sure everything else was ok at home :) We managed to make th event happening and so thankful for our guests who showed by and spent quality time with us! Some made fun of me as being all from songwriter, artist and cook who served them! We ended the day by me singing song from the album. This album has involved truly talented vocalists from Anne Judith Wiik, Lise Olden, Marie Rindvoll, Siri Bones, Tale Fjell and myself. We had musicians such as Idd Aziz on conga, drums and Øyvind Wærnes on guitar. Our friend Eivind Sivertsen has been a great help when it came to Cd cover editing tips but also feedback from song to song! Kimmi from Sweden as songwriter in some of the songs. I also have sang about 5 songs into that album and written. Songs like Footprints on the dancefloor, Everywhere I go, Amani (Swahili Trance), Girls of the million words and Waiting for you! My favourite songs are We stay awake by Marie Rindvoll also Ibiza by Anne Judith also the one Lise Olden did. I think I like all the songs into the album. Black Pearls and Fantasy album was well made and produced! It took a while bfore it was released and time waiting absolutely worth!

This is what I managed to do within an hour. I am thankful though to Line Marlene who helped me to put butter on the wraps :) She was like no its not much of the help but indeed it made a difference. It was easier for me to put chicken and salad and roll the wraps easier! 

 At least we tried making such a brunch in the last minute. Here is our studio kitchen! Food & Music <3

Bevarage corner with waffel mix! 
Cupcakes with chocolate were brought by Yodit. It was an amazing surprise I never ask guests to bring anything when they visit us but if they do, we also get another taste which was not part of the menu!

Artist/Musician meeting!

Not bad at all receiving positive feedback on the brunch. I hope next time I can come up with such idea earlier and have bigger variation than this time!

WaterflyMusic producer introducing one of the songs to our guest. He is wearing his famous viking indoor boots! Almost all Norwegian must have to keep it warm in cold conditions but we had fireplace on except that those boots can be so cozy and comfortable to wear. 

                                                                 Music tuning!

 For Music Visit: 

Thursday, October 8, 2015


Host: Dietrich 

Tanzania fashion industry has been growing largely into past years. The designers have been able to showcase their collection at international platforms and featured into different magazines also tv shows abroad. Nowadays its possible to be considered having a normal career as a Fashion Designer. I think entire Africa generally starts to appreciate fashion as career. Not many years ago if a child told their parents they want to become fashion designer they would be totally disappointed because it was not seen good enough. It was not only that but not many people back then purchased local product unless it came from Europe. That has totally changed big time because the newest generation rocks fashion from the mainstream as abroad to tribal style from their own countries or different African region. Personally as Fashion Designer I also feel blessed that I can as well ship my collection to Africa. The future looks brightful for designers in Africa except for the models in Tanzania. Most of Tanzanian Models have been recruited into major fashion industries names like Flaviana Matata, Niler Benard, Millen Magese, Harieth Paul and Miriam Odemba etc. The previous mentioned models truly struggled to be where they are today. Payment is very low at times models are kept for hours only hearing that they can not be paid since the show did not make enough income. Most of the shows are sponsored by big brands who puts in so much money but models gets almost nothing. There should be avarage salary for models to be paid for each runway or else there is no point of showcasing any collection. This is whereby Dietrich and his team has decided to call upon all models to unite and discuss about your future plans and rights on modelling career. If you are in Dar-Es-Salaam on 10th of October meet at Leaders Club for this important meeting!
Venue:Leaders Club
Time from:11:00-14:00 

Wanamitindo nyote mnaitwa na Dietrich Leaders club kwenye mkutano kujua na kujadiliana kuhusu haki zenu. Kuwa model si kazi ndogo bila nyinyi wanamitindo nguo zitaonyeshwaje. Kwa kweli kazi mnayofanya mnapaswa kupata mshahara maana maonyesho mengi huwa yanasajiliwa na mashirika makubwa. Ni wanamitindo ndio huwa wanajifaidisha wao wenyewe na kusahau wanaoonyesha mavazi pia wanastahili kulipwa. Natamani ningetafsiri yote niliyoandika ila kwasasa mwenzenu nataka kupumzika ila usisahau jumamosi ya tareh 10 mwezi wa kumi kuanzia saa tano asubuhi hadi nane mchana uende pale Leaders Club ukutane na vijana wenzako na kujadiliana haki zenu za sanaa. Mabadiliko si kwenye siasa tuu bali hata kwenye mambo binafsi bila msimamo maendeleo hakuna. Jitahidini mno kuenda na mtaarifu mwenzio. Wenzenu walishawafungulia milango kina Flaviana Matata, Niler Benard, Millen Magese, Harieth Paul and Miriam Odembana kadhalika. Msijirudishe nyuma kwa kufanya kazi bure wakati wanaoandaa maonyesho wengi wao huwa wanalipwa vizuri tuu na wadhamini wa mashirika mbalimbali!

Vanessa Mdee & Barnaba - Siri

Artist:Vanessa Mdee 

Enjoy the music video of Tanzanian beauty Vanessa Mdee and Barnaba one of the great male artists! African vibe feel the drums and another type of music all way from East Africa! Don`t you just love it to hear another type of sound than typical top 10 kind of music? All music in most of the time is beautiful but exploring music from different countries is one of my greatest hobby. I can listen to music from Russia, Serbia, India, Mexico and Australia from Aborigines for enjoyment and inspiration. Vanessa is such a beauty to present at Miss Universe!

Have a wonderful evening!

Stay here more great news to come!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Driving around Møre and Romsdal!


I know you have been here but nothing was written. This blog is a hobby but fun to write and share my passion or things that inspires me or motivates me but also some of you have interest to read about. I understand its october but I will as well be blogging review on the events or special moents of september and october at the same time. 
I love jumpsuits so are my fans/friends!
They always request jumpsuit selfie so here are some photos I took for my fans. I told some of them instead of me sending direct MMS or inbox perhaps its great idea to just have them shared on my links for all to see at the same time! Yes, as weird as it sounds I take selfie for requests at times :)

Almost there!

Not exactly that kind of angle some wished for but hey at least I tried :)
I am not all that good after all to take perfect selfies no wonder most might end up looking alike!
My husband <3

This is sort of museum found at Sunndalsøra and I loved the building of tree houses made in Norway. There are still some of these houses unfortunately the beautiful art is getting lost! In Zanzibar one can still see the interior design with beautiful art craft still on demanding to maintain the traditional art whereas in Norway all beautiful antique is sold with worthless price and the original art is about to disappear. I think this is very sad because such wonderful antique art is something to be carried from one generation to another to keep it alive! Norway this is what you have to take care of from interior, architecture and traditional clothing which are only worn only twice or thrice per year. Love your culture by showing more of it and value the art behind it! I love learning from different culture and I truly value those who value their own culture. Instead of being worried other nations will make the culture disappear its best to learn others the culture so that they adapt the tradition. There should be more traditional food restaurants and make use of whatever promotes Norwegian culture visible into our daily lives same as with the language! I love visiting shops whereby I can purchase antique Norwegian art craft and furniture and have it at my home instead! One of my favourite store in Sunndal is Mary`s Venn! I have very little of modern furniture because I love antique designs too! 
 I love old style from art to furniture!
Old Fashioned Yet Modern!

Chillout Zone where I we create music-We love this kind of style!

I drove all way from Sunndal to Kristiansund to an island to buy this old mirror into Norwegian style! I love the hand-painting!

Share your culture by being an example through applying it into your daily life! Nothing is wrong with adapting new culture but just remember to also value your own as much as you value other`s.

This is beautiful. Back into the days before nursing homes were invented this is how the family used to bond. All stayed at the same area and some small houses around and took care of each other. I find it somehow ridiculous when parents who sacrificed everything to be placed at nursing home and taken care of strangers! Then one complains about the government not taking care of their own parents. What about the children, grandchildren or relatives? I guess am so old fashioned but I do not believe into this modern trend of putting our own families into nursing home to be taken care of strangers. Nursing homes should be last option for those who have no one to take care of. Just me speaking you do not have to take my words. Some told me that in Africa people are not working that is why they can take care of others. This is not true instead of people sending their parents or old relatives to nursing homes they hire others to stay home for care giving until they return from work. I think it is nice because one can still be at the familiar environment. 

I love the building- I wish to see more of this kind of interior design!

This is where we buy eggs and potatoes at country side. Supporting local farmers is the wisest thing anyone can do because there would be less of GMO foods into our stores. I prefer buying products from farmers before I buy from grocery stores. I prefer fresh food than packed into tins and containers or ready made. I also enjoy cooking my own food for my family from scratch every single day! No, its not a punishment for those so called feminists ;) Who think women standing in the kitchen have no option than being men pleasing. What about being a family pleasing by making sure all family members enjoy fresh and well cooked meal at home? Not to mention health meal whereby one has control of its ingredients! When I eat from restaurants I also prefer the restaurants which prepares its own meal so you will never find me at MC Donalds or Burger Kings for the meal. I will never say that I have never been there before but only after realizing the poor quality of food I avoided such places! 

"I sometimes wonder how many times family gathers eating together like old times." 

Next time you hear someone complains that foreigners are about to take over  or destroy their culture ask them what do they to do promote or how one values own culture into their daily?

Thursday, September 3, 2015


May Peace Touch Our Souls and Spread Love!

No words can express how I feel right now! I am so sick and tired of these endless wars all over the world! Stop wars- There is no place like home no matter how nice it seem to be. I feel so broken, very broken... I just found myself crying which is something that I hardly do. What are we breathing for if we can not care for one another? Where are we heading to if we can not turn back or see what is ahead of us? How peaceful and wonderful can we sleep and pursue our dreams when others have no chance to even think! When a child will most likely be shot  or bombed than being bitten by a bug? What kind of planet have we created? Is human race the most aggressive one? Why are we giving power to the selfish who manipulate the crowd for their own benefits? Where we truly created to chase papers that we gave digits with value even forgetting our self existence ? When we see others in trouble instead of reaching them do we have to value their worth? Have we truly reached that stage to value worth and benefits of individual before we can offer our helping hands? What are we fighting for anyway? Can`t we call it off or has it reached to the stage we have to fight to stop this? I believe the more ignorant we turn we are heading no where else than loosing ourselves to the extent of self-harm! Too much of anything is not good because it is harmful! It turns people cold towards one another and oneself as lack of self love. Yes, it happens when a soul is not enriched by other soul and nature its gets lost and frustrated! I hope we can try to put ourselves into other people`s shoes and reflect on what has been going on! Perhaps some up coming natural disasters might remind us to help one another....

I still believe most have great intention and wish to do more but constant brainwashing through our devices makes most get lost into the crowd. Let us value more humanity than things. Things are just things soulless! We were created to fulfill one another <3 Souls is nourished by other soul because material things are just temporarily they give no long effect of inner joy! Everybody needs somebody to love or be loved by! We were made to love and explore our planet to exploit and hate each other!

Spread Love,
Natasha Shyrose.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015


                                          LOCAL SHOWING OFF GRAFITTI SKILLS:

Jitozee 2015 is a project that motivates youth to use art skills, creativity and voices to impact their society by voting. It has been registered that youth engage themselves less into political affairs and the reason to this project is to raise awareness of changes that can occur due to voting. The event will be taking place in Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania under the Graffiti Artist known as LOCAL. Art has proven that it can bring people together through music and different art skills but also educate the youth. This is no propaganda rather than alerting youth what their votes can do to the society they live in! If you are in Dar Es Salaam join Jitokeze event which is sponsored by Rosa Luxembourg Foundation. Beside being inspired on how to use your rights to vote and impact to the society it makes in future you will be able to learn how to do your own art sketches, paint and enjoy hip hop music! Or you simply want to have new network and enjoy open mic on hip hop section live concert!

Street Art!

Amazing Skills!

I have personally attended at one of the Hip Hop events in Dar-Es-Salaam. It was amazing and inspiring! I believe the event was on for 3-4 days. I met different people, artists, dj´s and musicians. I even made new contacts with people that I will be working with in future. I worth being there. 


Msikose kujiunga katika project hii ya Jitokeze mwaka 2015 ambayo inasimawiwa na Local chini ya wasajili Rose Luxembourg Foundation. Matumaini ya hili tokeo ni kuwafungueni macho vijana mjue namna gani haki zenu za kupiga kura zinaweza ongoza na kubalisha nchi. Hamtokutana kuambia piga kura chama kadhaa bali tuu utafahamu umuhimu gani wa kupiga kura au kutokupiga kura. Vile vile utapata nafasi kukutana na wasanii wa grafiti hata wewe binafsi kujifunza ujuzi kama huu wa kupiga chapa kama hizi. Kutakuwa na mziki wa hip hop wa kuelimisha vijana namna gani unaweza fanya mabadiliko kwa kupiga kura tuu. Msikose kama uko Dar-Es-Salaam! Mimi binafsi mwaka juzi kama sikosei nilitembelea onyesho hili na nilifurahishwa mno maana nilijifunza mengi na kuona mengi. Nilikutana na wasanii, wachoraji, wanamziki, djs na pia hata kukutana na watu wapya ambao wengine tutakua tunashirikiana pamoja. Basi nenda japo kwenye open mic na kukutana na wenzako! Usikose nafasi hii usiseme ya vijana kwani hata wewe ni kijana hata kama umri wako unazidi miaka sitini. Kinginecho kumbuka hip hop utakayokuta huku ni ya kueliminishana yani nyimbo zilezokwenda shule!

Burger Negotiation