Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Janet Jackson - "No Sleeep" Feat. J. Cole

Janet Jackson is one of my favourite artists since I discovered music around early 80`s. I was just then 4-5 years rocking to Janet Jackson and Michael Jackson`s music! I love Janet Jackson with all my heart and soul and this is one of the artists I would truly love to meet one day! I am not this kind of fun that gets so obsessed with an artist by hanging their photos in my room back then even now.  Or living my life following up everything they do. My interest is music and their well being that is all matter. I am not that kind of lady impressed by small talk or events! I am not huge fun either of sitting down to talk about what is not manifesting to greatness or solutions! I instead followed her music progress by collecting all her albums except this one has not yet been purchased! I still love physical copy despite that they advice us artists to use digital distribution is best for nowadays! Her voices is so smooth, addictive and beautiful. She looks wonderful <3 Janet Jackson!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Meghan Trainor - "All About That Bass" PARODY

This was made for fun but so many facts about the world we are living in! Enjoy your day


                                                                       Solveig Horne

Each time I read news about "Foreigners Must Work" that a policitian behind the parliament talk before they think I find it so ridiculous.  This post addresses you Ms. Solveig Horne and all others who thinks foreigners do not want to work. There should be investigation done why are they not working into the first place. The problem is not that people do not want to learn the language or are not educated. It is a fact that most people know that you can not live in Norway without speaking Norwegian if you want to be part of the society.

Most people from other countries accept this challenge by learning the language and even start all over again at high schools and universities. Why some have to start all over again is because their certificates are not approved since they are not from European countries. No matter how difficult it is most foreigners do master the Norwegian language and end up with one or two degrees as Bachelor or Masters. Challenge truly begin when one searches for the job unlike nursing home and cleaning job which is so common among foreigners you will end up forever to get a job. There are very few ones that gets job immediately after studies. The most difficult thing is watching all those one went with at the same campus having jobs and one ends up unemployed for years! Most just end up getting themselves a cleaning job to get ends meet if they are so lucky to even get that one. Luckily some gets saved by social welfare the last place most would like to end. It is also a great shame for the foreigners to receive free money from the government every month. For those who think people enjoy this free money all I can say those receiving this money feels so ashamed to be known. People know that they have potential to contribute something into the society and also raise their lives standards. Most foreigners are not used to live the life of only feeding themselves. They have families back home to take care of even neighbors. It may sound very strange but no matter how rich or less one has most foreigners have tendency to give. By receiving money from social welfare in Norway is known as NAV its a great shame for such people living into such circumstances and difficult for them to help others. Not only that they get bullied by media and others into society to be sitting home doing nothing and enjoying free money. Those having jobs have done something great home or at nearest safest countries building themselves villas and running business. People living in Europe on social welfare feel ashamed back home because they are also constantly compared with others who made it! Imagine when one lives by using money from Social Welfare they are not even seen responsible by their own people when they go back home or even here in Norway. Its a small talk that "She or He lives on social" that goes around must make them feel small everywhere they are found! As for you thinking its an enjoyment that they are using your taxi (skatt) money for them its great shame to sleep and wake up with or even enjoy that shameful free salaries!

So instead of the politicians and people thinking that foreigners are milking them probably they should start to change employment strategies. There should be other ways of employing people without looking at their surnames, their colors and nationalities. I believe most people will be working and serving the society. Into big towns at times one can spot very few foreigners working whereas at some offices none at all despite the foreigner being qualified. Into other towns or small ones you might find foreigners are only located at the nursing homes and cleaning jobs some open their own restaurants or work as waiters and very few ones will be working at groceries or clothing stores. Whereas the ones with different type of education who also studied in Norway will be unemployed observing the recruitment miracle whereby their classmates or students from same universities working! For you who is a foreigner into work the lucky one never underestimate another foreigner for being unemployed. Because you made it why don`t they? At times you might be one of the very few lucky ones to end up with the great job. For this do not boost around your higher skills put you were you are and the other one is sleeping because reality is not that. At times the unemployed and rejected foreigner will live day by day witnessing someone with lesser skills occupying the working spot they deserve. After all its about networking and most do not have one. There comes another question yes they should intergrate themselves. Do you know most foreigners open their doors more and share their culture to Norwegian and very few ones gets invited back or same treatment? Instead one end up learning a foreign culture from traditional food, beverage and way of treating people whereas the foreigner end up without knowledge of true Norwegian culture but only theoretical the one which one reads from the newspaper or syllabus! Personal I learned myself making Norwegian food through books not because a Norwegian person learned me. I have invited so called friends in to get a taste of my culture by creating a buffet whereas few times I was invited for hours to enjoy of cups of coffee and if one is lucky might end up getting chocolate or snack from the shop! Its not that the foreigners do not know where Pizza or biscuits shops are but they just want you to have quality and explore something new from their cultures. If I were to mention how many that showed me norwegian cuisine or culture is not more than 3 in 15 years!  The rest is my own interest and research that I have gain a new cultural knowledge through books/self-learning! Actually the reality is very few ones will invite you after you have invited them so before you talk that foreigners do not want to intergrate themselves ask yourself how many times how you invited your foreigner friend? How many times have they invited you? How many times did you serve them portion of your culture? How many times did they serve theirs? Creating a network is difficult when only one part has to do the inviting the planning and the other one is passive. When you stop doing the planning and inviting you might end up not hearing for the other part at all. Perhaps people feel ashamed to say they are actually being blocked no matter how hard one tries to engage themselves. Also those who complain they want to see their culture surviving should also remember to practice it. When you meet people from other countries this is best time to learn us about your culture same as with the language learning. At times even the ones who seem to have plenty friends you see photos on facebooks suffer loneliness because they only have Dance-Friends, Booze-Friends and "Sociomedia friends" not as real people they can discuss sense and get into deep conversation. This issue was also addressed in Norwegian media "Aftenposten" not long ago people have lots of friends and great network but still lonely. Its nice to snap some photos to show as if one has network whereas you know the truth about it that its just a photo! This approves social life for those who tend to peep into people`s profile before they interview them or give them jobs.

At times one seeks for the job and the working terms wants people with network and that you have to know your place so well to have connection. That means you are newly educated and you have to know your working place target network not only that but you must also have connection! The next thing they ask you is a car and driving license. In order to have a driving licence one has to understand what is taught at traffic school which is also in Norwegian. Luckily the test can be done in any other language with a translator. But still some foreigners make it too getting new driving licence or upgrading the ones they had from their own countries. It is very challenging what has to be done first building network? forcing your network to not close their doors and  you being pain in the a** forcing people to be part of your life by looking so desperate for being extremely friendly even when unwanted by forcing people visiting you more or planning what to do all the time just for network sake even when they do not do the same? Have self respect and love for yourself remember to save you from self torture. You worth more than chasing people just to be considered that you being social. People who want to include you into their network will never let you be the only one doing that inviting task! Do not chase nobody you are worth more than you could ever imagine! Get yourself a hobby instead of being forever host even of those who do self inviting without considering you probably need a change of environment too. Come on I think communication should be both ways. If you are the only one doing that kind of communication and have time dedicate that time to the charity organizations instead! When a foreigner has mastered the language which is not their mother-tongue they do deserve an award for that. Not least that they also are highly educated!At times being a highly educated foreigner it poses as threat at certain places one might end up being rejected or accused for being what one is not just to reduce their chances to get proper jobs in future. I have been there and I know that also know people who have been accused for things they can not relate themselves to! Whatever you go through do not give up but that  Why foreigner are not employed is not a problem of the foreigners but the problem of those who do not want to give them jobs There are lot of things one misses out by not mixing different ethnic at work. I understand some thinks probably nothing! What about new strategies of solving problems, finding solution to something, improvement of communication skills which enhance number of clients. One can also learn how to tolerate different situations and deal with stress in positive way without affecting themselves, environment or people they deal with!

I hope the politicians should focus on why the foreigners are not employed and what can they do to make employees recruit foreigners. What about making sure each sector has foreigners with right qualification of different nations? The job that need to be done is not with foreigners because most are doing their job and have succeeded but waiting for the society to be inclusive and give opportunity to the people who are hungry for jobs and share their skills with the world! Talk less do more actions got to be started. I know some people ask me to be a politician but I am not dealing with that. I have never voted in my life never will I ever. I am a free soul who cares for others that`s it!
By the way this driving licence issue before one gets a job is also discriminating those who can not afford the licence and car despite of nationality. If you are poor yet educated this mean you will not be able to get a job because you have no licence or car! Does it mean that people have to get cars first before jobs? What kind of message does such employees send to the people anyway? They are looking forward to employ only certain kind of people who afford certain lifestyle? Or people have to anyways find ways to have cars before they even make their own money :) Funny one!

Plenty of the foreigners have done a lot to be part of the society perhaps its about time the society to do something about it!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

UTØYA-NORWAY (22.07.2011)

I wish the survivors and the parents, family, friends of the victims who were killed on 22.07.2011 inner peace. This day will always be remembered and the pain is like an open wound that never heal. This is a national tragedy and those with souls see all human as one share same feeling (sorrow). 
I wish to write more but no amount of the words would ever be enough to express for this day!
That exhibition which was dedicated to remark this day could have only been focusing on love and photos of the victims. If media starts to write more about victims and their beloved ones and all those who are concert on such terrorist and horrible event I believe there would be little bit change. Those who act to harm others to cover media they would have stand no chance by being made less relevant. 
Love is the answer and xenophobia will keep such event active. 

Many people are actually very nice but human soul is weak to manipulate. Listen to your inner voice and ask yourself those you dislike how much do they really affect your life and in which way? Are they standing your way that you can not make it or succeed? Are they the reasons that ones life is difficult? Are they the reasons that ones relationships goes bad? Are they living in your house? Do they make your life decision? Do they prevent you from achieving your goals? How does their skin colour affect your own (does it make your own skin more lighter or darker by just looking at them)? How does their presence put everything you do on hold? 

What about ignoring everything one dislike and move on to achieve personal goals or simply live your life if you already have it all. 

May Peace Be Upon You-Let The Love Glow!

Spread Love,
Natasha Shyrose. 

Monday, July 20, 2015


Too busy but not for the #Selfie!

Natasha Shyrose trying new image perhaps for the newest album! I am on creation process of my second album and it will be in Swahili well perhaps one song in English. All I want to do is giving you some African vibes and dance your night away or dask til dawn with my songs. I have been so inspired lately and all I had to think of is putting some English songs as some crazy hot funk Rock Music on wait! When it comes to english writing lyrics I love to write and sing everything from Rock, Soul, Jazz, Reggae, Dancehall, Pop, Pop Rock, Blues and Funk Rock not even mentioning a plenty of Lana Del Rey inspiration sort of songs! It makes my album lack structure and ended up like how music sounds in most listeners devices whereby all genre are included. I actually love it that way because it learned it make me discover things that I never knew about myself! Like when I sang Hot Candy 

Press The Link Below to listen HOT  CANDY: 

Hot Candy also inspired a song like WORK IT OUT

I love just to do everything am moved to or inspired. I hope this is not disadvantage but singing one genre is truly boring for me. I love to just be free am wild and free soul I want to expand into my world! I hope you will enjoy the Afrobeat or Vibes that to be released in 2016 are you ready to dance? English album will be made also but more structured this time than the previous one "Born To Shine".

Let me take you to my roots! 

Meanwhile enjoy on soundcloud I believe these are among best Swahili Songs: #BongoFleva Ama NatashaShyrose Fleva?

Amka Afrika
Sioni Wala Siambiwi 

"Haya waandaji matamasha kaeni mkao wa kula na wale wanaotaka kufahamu kwa zaidi kuhusu album yangu ya kiswahili 2016 tuwasiliane". Kisha wale mnaobania wasanii hebu acheni ushamba ndio maana nchi yetu inakua na wasanii wachache mno ambao wanawakilisha vitengo mbalimbali kimziki hebu tuigeni wenzetu wanaija. Kila siku watasikika hao hao tuu changanyeni ngoma waimbaji wapya na wazamani watu wakipata challenge watakua wanafanya kazi nzuri kimziki na kukomaa kimzikii au wanazorota kwasababu mtu anajua ana nafasi keshapewa sio! 
Nani Kanuna ;)

Saturday, July 18, 2015

India Arie - Beautiful

I hope that you have had a wonderful day! Meanwhile I am listening to India Arie relaxing with my family. I wish you a wonderful weekend and saturday evening! For those who are celebrating Eid I wish you a continous great celebrations. Remember there is a free meditation program which is going on by the Guru of mediation Deepak Chopra together with Oprah Winfrey!


Beautiful Lady- India Arie