Monday, June 22, 2015



That moment you realised you are not the only ones on the flight. The only difference is the extra passanger was so terrified to on board! Cats are so curious creatures. This might be one of the very few cats who took chance to take a flight without company!

Sunday, June 14, 2015


Human` soul is not complete without being connected to the nature. As we see nowadays most conflicts and depression is nothing but results of disconnection to our true nature. Perhaps one day the humankind will learn that even the most precious things that presents wealth like gemstones like diamond, gold, sapphire, topaz, ruby are nothing luxurious than medicine to heal our internal organs and even boost our energy, whereby no man created medicine could even heal without side effects. Connect yourself to the nature no matter how much artificial things are beneficial into our daily lives. Experience inner joy and peace by bonding to the nature. Find what is abundance into the universe that is what was created for you to keep you happy. You know true happiness that money can never buy? That flows endlessly like your own breath smile emoticon
Spread Love,
Natasha Shyrose.

I took this picture one evening this week. It was beautiful moment <3

Tuesday, June 9, 2015


#Morning Selfie at the Hotel in Trondheim 

Best way to start the morning is warm shower, my favourite perfume which for now is Roberto Cavalli and Victor & Rolf and a cup of coffee! Meditation and prayers is a must as the matter of fact it is the first thing I do when I open my eyes. Thanking the universe and my creator to give me a gift of seeing the new day! 

That was before I went for the art exhibition at Byåsen: 

If you are living in Trondheim there is one exhibition for sure you should not miss out! It was wonderful and great pleasure to experience one of Petter Selliseth first exhibition entitled: Phases. Petter his is great musician and painter too. The other day I blogged about him was when he made a great concert at Sunndal and around Norway for Pink Floyd contribution. This artist and musician happened to also have other wonderful talents such as drawing and painting. It is indeed not too late to explore our inner potential and follow our dreams!  I enjoyed myself with my family being there for both live concert whereby Petter Selliseth played his self composed songs and also connected with his audience during the exhibition through interaction while enjoying his art. It was very inspiring being there. You will enjoy the art which is still at this great location at Byåsen, Venue: Galleri Lilje- Vegmeisterstien 12-Ferstad Gård-Byåsen. You can meet Petter every saturday and sunday from 12:00-15:00 with live acoustic concert played by him with his own music! 
Here are some of the paintings I took picture of: But being at the location where exhibition takes place is a wonderful experience that you should not miss out! 

Petter Selliseth on the right with my husband taking about art & music!
Natasha Shyrose enjoying art! 

Flying Pig is one of my favourite paint!
I liked this one too! 

   I love this gallery its very beautiful place. The architect and windows.. Just so beautiful. Norwegian style is amazing. I wish they continue to build houses with inspiration from old days! I will find a way to upload the video of music played by the artists during the exhibition!

                                                           I wish you a beautiful week!

Monday, June 8, 2015


When you see this symbols keep in mind it represent Roseborg! This is one and only football team that I support in Norway from Trondheim. I love Rosenborg in the good and bad times when we do not score. So far this is one of the most recognisable team even into foreign countries from Norway. Rosenborg has managed to do great work on field to bring that respect at international level. To be honest Vålerenga is another team which is also trying it best and winning them by Rosenborg scoring 2 and they only got one was a dream come true. I wish this game was played in Trondheim this weekend! Either way it was just a wonderful feeling. I look so very forward seeing the third star on our #RBK logo! 

More information about Rosenborg visit official website: 

Rosenborg will be playing against Molde on 27th June! Grab your popcorns and get ready. I should be supporting other international team but am too busy for that. That is why I support only few teams according to my connection with the place or country. Life got to go on you know I will never sit down and watch entire world competing on the football field ;) Support local talents at your areas they will turn up to be great at International Level like Rosenborg Team! 

That Feeling!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Diamond and Iyanya

Here comes a track from Top male artist from Tanzania Diamond. He featured another great talent from West Africa Nigeria whereby all hottest beats comes from. You will never find me sitting when Iyanya is on. I just love the groove from West Africa the rhythm is deeper and hotter. This is one of the reason why I would love to hook up with producers from these zones or do collaborations. I like the song for Diamond and the featuring was amazing work. There should be more of such collaboration artists from different parts of Africa doing things together. We females artists too should be great at collaborating. Dance to this song if you feel it. Personally I do feel it! I blogged about Diamond track for some weeks ago with #EastAfrican Twerking do you remember it?
God Exists!

                                                Another song from this artist Iyanya is:
Iyanya is Hot Wuk! 
Love This Track!

Monday, June 1, 2015


Learn Swahili by Singing My Song Leo 
The song is about living the moment and enjoy life no matter how tough it is. Show appreciation for each second and moment one experince before it is too late. Tomorrow is far away we only leave right now. This moment is the only guarantee you have as each second you experience. Breath, Relax, Enjoy Life! 

Verse 1:

Wiki nzima nahangaika
Leo lazima kupumzika
Niwakati wakati kuburudika
Wacha shida zilipotoka
Wacha Tujirushe
Wacha Tucheze
Wacha Tudunde
Nimekuja kuwakalisha
Ingia kati kujumuika
Furahia unamaisha
Cheza Mpaka Jogoo liwike
Wacha Tujirushe
Wacha Tucheze
Wacha Tudunde

Chorus: Leo ndio leo
Asemaye Kesho Ni Mwongo
Leo Ndio Leo Ingia Kati Njoo Ucheze Nami

Verse 2:

Yaliopita yameshapita
Hayarudi kama muda
Hata kama ukinuna
Dunia bado yazunguka
Wacha Tujirushe
Wacha Tucheze
Wacha Tudunde
Muda wako ukifika
Maisha yavulie kofia
Hakikisha uliburudika
Kama hukupenda hukuishi
Wacha Tujirushe
Wacha Tucheze
Wacha Tudunde

Chorus: Leo ndio leo
Asemaye Kesho Ni Mwongo
Leo Ndio Leo Ingia Kati Njoo Ucheze Nami

Songwriter:Natasha Shyrose
Producer: WaterflyMusic Production

More about this artist`music: I mean Natasha Shyrose (Me) ;) 

Sunday, May 31, 2015


Natasha Shyrose`s Music: 

First of all am so happy that my #Horus has arrived and for those who are so obsessed with Ancient accessories email: and get your own horus pendant. There are more pendants we sell in pure silver like #Nerfetiti which was designed by my Egyptian friend Malik!
This weekend has been grey one with no sunshine except for the ones we have into our own hearts. This is a way how to deal with the weather anyway never wait until the sun is out there to be happy. Haven`t they ever told you weather is same as love at any point it can change. Come one do not get scared now. Well love is unpredictable especially if its another person who has to do the loving. That is why it is important to start with self loving. If you think Kanye West is selfish one day you will learn from him that self loving is very healthy for your own mentality and also goal achieving. Enough reason to this is because it also boost up other things like self-esteem and confidence. It also helps you to see beauty into others and perhaps you can learn them too how to love themselves. I normally help people who crosses my path to boost themselves up and detach themselves from anything that can strip off their self-esteem. Yeah you know some people are having higher self esteem because of different purposes like social status given to them. If they are into places where nobody knows them they feel so small. Learn how to be complete without anything you own or any social status given to you attached! Is it hard to? Perhaps its something to practice or try to. Well I have been working on different things planning on my next exhibition in art. Not only that this exhibition will happen now but in Autumn painting boards got to be bought and more acrylic paintings! Summer bridals are not an option but they keep me awake because they expect their dresses ready before August! Yes, I love my life too demanding on tight schedule on delivering goods in right time. At the same time I have to find ways to expand Odd Is Bold we are truly growing. I need a contact in African countries whereby we can deliver wedding dresses. For those who needs custom made clothing of course! ME -TIME is very important no matter how busy it gets everyday but also family comes first. They come first home made food, love, caring, playing and communication is very important. I told you before I am so old fashioned I do not believe into being together next to each other without being mental connected. You know most people think they are together just because they are living under same roof without proper communication. I believe communication is everything not just shallow one as really deep connection. You look into someone eyes and almost feel them so close to you and follow up into what they say or mean. It does not mean that people need to agree with everything said but just being connected. I enjoyed myself being with my family this weekend but also working myself off with housework too and planning!

                                No matter how busy it was time for selfie is always there for my fans!
Playing Cop Is my favourite role! 
Gosh am not good at taking selfies most are blurry I believe I need a course for this ;) Not least Galaxy s6 #Wish 

Enjoy your weekend and have a super fabulous week!

Shoutout to #Belarus #Kenya #Nigeria #Germany
I wish one day to get music connection from Nigeria as really great music connection to do great gigs! 

I miss performing live! 

I mean at concerts which only pays. I always receive free concerts proposals but I have stopped doing those because they do zero promo and never brought me any gig with payment!
Just take your time and listen to my music its real production of dedicated producers and musicians!
I also did my part so please never under evaluate artists hardworking!
Recognition Pays No Bills ;)