Thursday, September 3, 2015


May Peace Touch Our Souls and Spread Love!

No words can express how I feel right now! I am so sick and tired of these endless wars all over the world! Stop wars- There is no place like home no matter how nice it seem to be. I feel so broken, very broken... I just found myself crying which is something that I hardly do. What are we breathing for if we can not care for one another? Where are we heading to if we can not turn back or see what is ahead of us? How peaceful and wonderful can we sleep and pursue our dreams when others have no chance to even think! When a child will most likely be shot  or bombed than being bitten by a bug? What kind of planet have we created? Is human race the most aggressive one? Why are we giving power to the selfish who manipulate the crowd for their own benefits? Where we truly created to chase papers that we gave digits with value even forgetting our self existence ? When we see others in trouble instead of reaching them do we have to value their worth? Have we truly reached that stage to value worth and benefits of individual before we can offer our helping hands? What are we fighting for anyway? Can`t we call it off or has it reached to the stage we have to fight to stop this? I believe the more ignorant we turn we are heading no where else than loosing ourselves to the extent of self-harm! Too much of anything is not good because it is harmful! It turns people cold towards one another and oneself as lack of self love. Yes, it happens when a soul is not enriched by other soul and nature its gets lost and frustrated! I hope we can try to put ourselves into other people`s shoes and reflect on what has been going on! Perhaps some up coming natural disasters might remind us to help one another....

I still believe most have great intention and wish to do more but constant brainwashing through our devices makes most get lost into the crowd. Let us value more humanity than things. Things are just things soulless! We were created to fulfill one another <3 Souls is nourished by other soul because material things are just temporarily they give no long effect of inner joy! Everybody needs somebody to love or be loved by! We were made to love and explore our planet to exploit and hate each other!

Spread Love,
Natasha Shyrose.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015


                                          LOCAL SHOWING OFF GRAFITTI SKILLS:

Jitozee 2015 is a project that motivates youth to use art skills, creativity and voices to impact their society by voting. It has been registered that youth engage themselves less into political affairs and the reason to this project is to raise awareness of changes that can occur due to voting. The event will be taking place in Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania under the Graffiti Artist known as LOCAL. Art has proven that it can bring people together through music and different art skills but also educate the youth. This is no propaganda rather than alerting youth what their votes can do to the society they live in! If you are in Dar Es Salaam join Jitokeze event which is sponsored by Rosa Luxembourg Foundation. Beside being inspired on how to use your rights to vote and impact to the society it makes in future you will be able to learn how to do your own art sketches, paint and enjoy hip hop music! Or you simply want to have new network and enjoy open mic on hip hop section live concert!

Street Art!

Amazing Skills!

I have personally attended at one of the Hip Hop events in Dar-Es-Salaam. It was amazing and inspiring! I believe the event was on for 3-4 days. I met different people, artists, dj´s and musicians. I even made new contacts with people that I will be working with in future. I worth being there. 


Msikose kujiunga katika project hii ya Jitokeze mwaka 2015 ambayo inasimawiwa na Local chini ya wasajili Rose Luxembourg Foundation. Matumaini ya hili tokeo ni kuwafungueni macho vijana mjue namna gani haki zenu za kupiga kura zinaweza ongoza na kubalisha nchi. Hamtokutana kuambia piga kura chama kadhaa bali tuu utafahamu umuhimu gani wa kupiga kura au kutokupiga kura. Vile vile utapata nafasi kukutana na wasanii wa grafiti hata wewe binafsi kujifunza ujuzi kama huu wa kupiga chapa kama hizi. Kutakuwa na mziki wa hip hop wa kuelimisha vijana namna gani unaweza fanya mabadiliko kwa kupiga kura tuu. Msikose kama uko Dar-Es-Salaam! Mimi binafsi mwaka juzi kama sikosei nilitembelea onyesho hili na nilifurahishwa mno maana nilijifunza mengi na kuona mengi. Nilikutana na wasanii, wachoraji, wanamziki, djs na pia hata kukutana na watu wapya ambao wengine tutakua tunashirikiana pamoja. Basi nenda japo kwenye open mic na kukutana na wenzako! Usikose nafasi hii usiseme ya vijana kwani hata wewe ni kijana hata kama umri wako unazidi miaka sitini. Kinginecho kumbuka hip hop utakayokuta huku ni ya kueliminishana yani nyimbo zilezokwenda shule!

Burger Negotiation

Saturday, August 22, 2015


Stella Mwangi

East African artists rocks! Stella Mwangi female rap star with danceable tracks to enjoy oneself both on dance floor, while working out or simply need something boosting to tune to! I have attended her live performances and they were fabulous. The last time I was able to chat with her face to face was in Trondheim. It was amazing to hear from this artist when it comes to music and perception of life. It was very motivating conversation! Stella also won Grammy Awards song Haba Haba for some years back. The song chorus was in Swahili language with a great message Haba Haba Hujaza Kibaba which mean step-by-step to approach the goal or achieving. In swahili there are a lot of motivating words which raised us children to stay strong no matter what goes around and stay focused! Check out Stella Mwangi! 

Meanwhile Stella is promoting fashion label in Kenya called #VaaKiafrika with African Prints! 

Be yourself!
Believe in yourself! 
Impress Yourself!
Never look down on anybody even if you are going to help them. All human have same value unlike the ones who wants to make others feel small. Never allow anybody to make you feel small in life! Everybody is a star and was born to shine unless you deny it or someone tries to train you to not believe into oneself unless you impress them for acceptance! Treat no human being as God nobody should either be bossy around you if you are not working for them under contract or specific conditions! I like such music which is so motivating to be oneself and give less damn on other`s opinion who wants to walk on heads of others. When one rejects and not allow them to convince you that you mean nothing they call you "Arrogant". Some human have plenty of strategic ways of promoting hate by rejecting normal and the abnormal to be seen as normal! Everyone wants to be a boss nowadays over others until you dismiss that then the next thing you know bad name is given and hate spread like fire into dry grass! Only hypocrites will believe but those who use their time to do analysis will never be influenced easily by manipulators. Take care of yourselves and surround yourselves with people who boost your energy and wants you to success or those you try to help to success! Life is about giving and receiving. 

Selfishness takes nobody no where! Well one can gather material things but not inner joy or piece! 

Friday, August 21, 2015

Korn- Forsaken

My meditation song:

I love this song and Korn is one of my favourite rock artists. Korn band has extremely beautiful music and this is one of the songs I can meditate to entering into another dimension! Whatever we seek for is within yourself just listen to your inner voice let it guide you. In order to see you have to close your eyes. Your mind knows everything even the ones you are not aware you or suppressed through subconscious. Pay close attention to your dreams they have messages to decode and its your guidance. Or simply meditate about just anything. Your chakra will open and enlighten you and nothing anymore will be new experience than DeJaVu!

"Nothing is real everything is illusion. Create your own reality".

 Enjoy Weekend!

Behemoth - As Above, So Below

Its Rock weekend! 
Rock it!