Thursday, May 21, 2015

Rada Manojlovic - S mora na planine (Official HD Video)

I guess she sings about how she will win Ms. Universe! To be honest I have no idea what the song mean. Beautiful woman and nice place. And nice song of course :)

Monday, May 18, 2015


One of the  blogger`s interest is this. I share a piece of things that moves me and fascinates my inner being! Enjoy yourselves :)

Sunday, May 17, 2015


Day started with preparation of finding what to wear on Norwegian national day. I know its that kind of day people wear their traditional clothing from Norway but little bit of African Royal Touch never hurts nobody. After all its elegant and beautiful the only difference from what Norwegian wear instead of silver we go with 24 carats gold, sapphire and ruby! Dress for occasion is what we call it! Respecting also special event by looking accordingly no club wear either ;) My man had his suit and the future prince rocked his suit too. He is just way too handsome for cyber! After all I think children should be respected and not be online until they feel ready for that. Only us adult can handle cyber madness at times! Celebrating Norwegian national day is a must for me no matter how negative media try to portray those from other countries. We celebrate with Norwegian because not all thinks like what media brainwash them. I wonder why they always leave out great foreigners who do wonders and positive things. I believe the greatness seen as competition at times or some stereotypes thinks people from other places can never be good no matter how good they are... 
We will march with you side by side Norway and Celebrate with you! Some of us were created to achieve greatness no matter what the media preach they wont tear our spirit down. After all we were all created for greatness unless you deny your uniqueness, because you were made to think embracing your inner potential is wrong! 

Beautiful accessory custom made just for me! 
    Children marching with beautiful sound indeed showing they truly have been doing their homework!
The man in white suit I call him King of Drums- Jo Inge Nes. I had great fun one time to perform with him live at the concert with his entire band Fjord og Fjell! He is really Good! He plays all types of drums.

Some went to church for prayers! 

Norwegian traditional wear it varies in color depending which county one comes from! I think ladies looks beautiful into long dresses no matter what we wear at times.
What is this for you who reads this blog and might be from Bahrain or United States. Well this is part of the tradition to party and celebrate accomplishment of high school in Norway. Books at times needs to be celebrated when one is done with exams. I think reading is unhealthy in a way how its structured that student spend most time inactive reading. There should be other activities during studies that allows more of freedom of movement. Its no wonder school can tend to be boring place on planet at times. This is the last day they celebrate I guess the partying goes of for weeks before exams. One has to also be very careful that they have read enough so that this period they can just detox their mind before FINALS! 

Black Russ

Red Russ. While a lot of newspaper has been covering negative events that occurred at this period of Russ. We have to share also positive news that not everywhere Russ have been disturbing others. Sunndalsøra russ have been very positive even the russ from places like Tingvoll have been sending money to Cancer Department. It is important to let teens enjoy this moment and try not to make all seem bad just because they wear this red or black overalls! 

(Ordføreren of Sunndalsøra. I have been selecting the perfect photo to post but this man is photogenic. He looked absolutely great into all photos. Well there I am too not my day looking great on the photo! At least I tried..)

Ice-Cream is part of Norwegian Tradition and sausage eating on this day. I had enjoyed my sausage last night. Come on well you just read that but well I enjoyed cotton candy and Ice Cream too today! 

While I tried to take a photo of my husband he made this typical Selfie Pose which all selfie lovers can identify. I just laughed so hard!

Natasha Shyrose Chilling at home: 
What was I not thinking tired after preparing 5 dinner course within an hour. I had forgotten that despite I leave into small town the restaurants were opened. But my cooking is 100 times better so eating home is best choice ever for my family. I also enjoy cooking just that today was not that kind of a day I should have used time in the kitchen I got too much to do! Too much to do for making 5 dinner course at least 3 including desert could have been okay! Everyone had a wonderful day and we had free cinema but only my boys left for that to enjoy themselves: I had stuff to do at home like reading and making food. Entire city enjoyed free movie its part of celebration Sunndalsøra added to 17.May! Amazing :) 

I wish you a great week! 


Saturday, May 16, 2015

I skip leg day | The smart ebike

What a song and a video!

Ebike commercial went beyond but remember to workout your entire body if you are planning to build muscles!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Nakupendaje-Natasha Shyrose (WaterflyMusic Production)

 More Music by Natasha Shyrose:

Well this is not a music video. It just one of the ways I had to put my music on youtube :) Enjoy yourself "Nakupendaje". That is a swahili title meaning "How much I love you". It was amazing experience recording the song with WaterflyMusic Production. Unlike other songs this one I had nothing to do with on production. Because I found my producer had already created the beat all I had to do was to create the melody. I actually just walked inside the studio and heard the beat and started to sing on. He went like that is nice melody. Do you want to sing on this beat? I was so happy knowning that the beat was not for anyone else yet. Then I laid my vocals after I composed the lyrics to it. I normally love to sing on any beat I hear before the song even start. It does not matter the style it just feels natural and goes in perfectly. All in all into my songs I love to be part of production as sit next to the producer and be pain in the ass follow up the entire progress. Almost well it is so much fun to work with me because despite being creative I love let others use their creativity too. Just that I like to follow up the progress of the song to polish up certain things. I will be working on my next single this summer. Something energetic to get you dance and my swahili fans you have to wait little bit for the swahili song nothing much I will offer you than hottest song of 2015 in Swahili! Yeah East African people like heat so offering them warmth into music will keep them cheered up. This is swahili song but inspired of Salsa genre. I am on youtube. One day I will create music video but I guess I need sponsors for this. I need it to be as wild as it can get well wild as myself. I am unpredictable just like nature and wild but very selective into my actions and moves. So do not read me like I do all sort of stuff out there or go down for whatever. I am very selective because what we choose is what we become. What I am is what I have created for myself- its perfect- I seek for no approval to fit in anywhere. Be yourself and explore your inner potentials because you were given all your creator has decoded into your DNA to explore. You need no approval to be whoever you need to be into this life!

Summer concert or christmas is what I day dream. For booking, interview, collaboration, projects (Music & Fashion)


Sunday, May 10, 2015


Natasha Shyrose`s music:
                      I love my pure silver accessory designed by my Egyptian friend Mido #Nefertiti #Horus

How was your weekend?

I have no difference between weekends and weekdays. All are the same because I hardly take off on what I do. I love everything I am working with from fashion,music to consultation. I find me time every single day as to relax and re-charge my energy through meditation or sun energy. Yeah its sounds little bit crazy but I follow ancient principal of living despite that am little bit modern. If you have never tried meditation try out and enjoy the benefits and also capturing natural energy from the nature. I love the sun and its finally here the weather is very beautiful. Meanwhile I am working with different projects from academic to fashion. Summer brides with Odd Is Bold and I look very forward to make the brides look unique on their special day :) 

If you wish to see some of my designs just visit my page:
We ship worldwide so there is no worry our designs can approach you. I also work with my clients via skype. It is beautiful with technology one can use it or abuse it. Who says does both into your minds. Never mind I like learning a lot of things too on the internet. You know those DIY videos my kind of things and how to ----fill into the blanks you learn all techniques of everything online today. Actually internet is not a bad think if you use it wisely. Well I also love to watch funny cats and dogs and lots of pranks just to laugh my brain`s off. I do not want to watch entire movie I hardly do that unless its so great or following up series on TV. It is not my thing but short clips are favourably into my world :) 
I wish you a beautiful evening and great week!

The weather has been so beautiful this weekend. I just love this wonderful view from my living room. Norway has wonderful nature!

Just Lunch- I ate very clean this weekend!

I mean very clean ;)

Thursday, May 7, 2015


Petter Selliseth for Pink Floyd Tribute & Natasha Shyrose at Sunndal Kulturhus
Photo by Stig aka Mr.Motomoto

Tonight at Sunndalsøra Kulturhus is where magic is going to happen. Here is one of the band members, my friend Petter who is a great vocalist, guitarist and artists (as in oil and acrylic painting) at soundcheck before the concert. These boys are promising you nothing else than fireworks show. I have been so lucky enough to enjoy performances by Petter and his friends many times and they are just super amazing! If you are looking for a wonderful experience and something to cheer you up for the entire year be at the concert! You know that kind of concert you leave with great memories inside your head, is exactly what I am talking about! Be there tonight more information about this show contact: 

As you can see the scene is already on and the sound is super amazing what are you waiting for! Join the party with your friends or whoever wants to enjoy the greatest moment of life! 

I love the light effect- Join the Magic with great vocalists and musicians of all the time


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