Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Haifa Wehbe - Breathing You In

New song by Haifa Wehbe. I told you before top 10 is not something for me. I explore music all over the world here is Haifa`s first song in English. She usually sing in arabic I wish that she sang this one into arabic too. I like the song :)


Middle East has beautiful people. Each time I am at Qatar and Dubai I tried not to look into people`s faces because they eyes are so hypnotising. So beautiful people....
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Sunday, April 19, 2015


Don`t you just wish the weekend had an extra day?
I guess whoever wishes to win more votes as a president of any country should promise people one extra day after sunday. We need this extra day very much. I always try my best though to put relaxation section every single day. I do not want to be totally worked out and wait until weekend to relax. I do work a lot with everything I love from music, fashion, art, psychology, translation and consultation but I make sure I have ME-TIME. Meditation is included to total relaxation which works out very fine for me for mind shut down and total flow of experiencing emptiness and mind detox. I would recommend everyone to meditate. Into this chaotic world to guarantee yourself inner peace you have to search for it within. This weekend there was plenty of sunshine especially on sunday. I spent time with my family and painting. I have exhibition at the end of the month at Gallery Barbara Sunndal. There will be other artists too who will show their paintings. I have now another exhibition in Trondheim at Bakklandet at Gaven. You can purchase the items of course that you find interesting. I love keeping myself busy with my personal goals but also reaching others to motivate them achieve theirs too.
Such a beautiful day and great view right from my living room. I feel blessed to be here :)

Chilling watching netflix. I never even watched the movie finished. The only way to make me watch the film finished is taking me to movies. I just prefer doing something else rather than sitting for hours! 
I am greatest fan of Rosenborg for good and worse I stick to my football team!
Meanwhile in Norway some people are into Juice Diet- All I need is discussion who will take the last bite of pizza slice on plate. My motto is eat what I want whenever I want! Of course I do workout though! I have one of this dress left into size S if you need it contact me: 
Sweet Dreams! 
I wish you a constructive week! 

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Friday, April 17, 2015


One of the most beautiful spot at Nice! 
Natasha Shyrose at Nice/ French Riviera.
(Blurry Photo)
One of the reasons to be at Nice was to celebrate my birthday and have vacation with my family. It was wonderful moment being at French Riviera. I have been at Paris and enjoyed myself like a child at Disney World and Moulin Rouge for adults but French Riviera is something else. I loved this place is probably one of the places I would love to visit again in future with my loved ones. Funniest part of the day when we forgot when we booked for the dinner at the restaurant and we had no time to get back to the hotel to change. I got even extra birthday present by changing all way from top to the bottom and clothing boutique. I had a beautiful day with my family. French Cuisine is super delicious I will most definitely visit the southern territories of France in future for relaxation! 
We are so imperfectly perfect for each other- My Norwegian Viking <3

What I love being at vacation with my man he is not that kind of laying at the beach entire day drinking beer type of person. He loves to explore as much as myself to see all greatest part of the country from history, art and culture. I believe that is the purpose of travelling exploring new things rather than finding restaurants which serves one own`s traditional food and seek for the same one is familiar with. Then why bothering to travel if one wants to experience same things? I am that kind of person you can take to Amazon or living with the monk into the jungle and find it enriching! 
Its important to share life with someone you have something in common. For us it way too much similarities but of course we have our differences too. We also enjoy individual time all creative people I guess we enjoy our ME-TIME. It helps us to enter the creative world and come back with ideas to share!

All way up on the sky here is what one can see- Beautiful!
Nice By Night!

I loved this place too very nice park! 
You know what the parks are for in the beautiful evening with someone who turns you right buttons on!

Sunday, April 12, 2015


                                         Natasha Shyrose rocking pink lipstick by Maybelline.

This weekend went too fast with wonderful weather. I took a challenge to try on my pink lipstick which was bought few weeks ago. While I was at Sunndal I dropped by Lindex and wanted something new and fresh. Finding orange colours, red and pink. I wanted to pick up the orange one but a lady working there after trying all she recommended me taking pink one. I hardly wear my lipstick on longer it always gets smashed up it only survives if Mr.Fireworks is not around. I am also not huge fan of lipstick! This colour feels strange but fresh. I will try it on for future use too. Weather was beautiful I wish it continues this way. I tried to put my great volume books (Cognitive Psychology) away for a while and focused more on weekend relaxation with family. That is my problem to relax I can not call what I do work because its so part of me. I breath my goals and live by them daily so I hardly have off! I am also good at meditating daily I try my best to just have moments of silence to connect with my create and just clear all thoughts. I do meditate and have wonderful experience through that. At times some thinks am arrogant when they try to stress me and I put them on #Ooommm modus! Yeah if you meditate you will know that give you focus to chill and let all go with the flow. The last thing I want to do is to stress it brings no positive results and change nothing. There is a lot I wish to write but I will keep for future articles. I am working on some few pieces of art that I will exhibit in end of this month at the Gallery Barbara at Sunndalsøra. After putting my accessories at the gallery and shop in Trondheim I had to take some free days to reflect on what I want to paint. At times ideas flows like a river and one has to catch them up and create a clear vision on what to focus on. I think I am somewhere there I need more painting boards to make the magic begin. Its spring I look forward to paint warm colours and make my art shine bright!

I wish you a great week it my meditation time....

Friday, April 10, 2015


Natasha Shyrose into 50 of Shades Hand-painted mask!
That outfit was all for 50 Shades Of Grey film launching. From top to bottom clothing found at Erotikk 1 shop in Trondheim-Norway with coolest tiny and full outfit and plenty of adult toys! This is my friend`s shop drop by whenever you are at Trondheim and shop til you drop! Unlike birds who have same feathers humans can change our feathers through clothing and fashion! I love masks, costumes and more.. 

Actually some of my songs are danceable.
Try Out

- Work It Out (Rock It)
- Leo (Swahili Trance Fever)
-Nakupendaje (Swahili Salsa)
-Sunshine (Reggae)
-Hot Candy (For LapDance Only)
-Malaika (Swahili Trance)
-Show Me (Rock It)
-Amka Afrika (Unleash your inner beast dance like peace warriors) 

By the way what an amazing Eastern holidays for all those 1500+ plays on my soundcloud!!!

Kelis - Rumble

#iLoveKelis #Unique #AmazingVoice

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